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Inspiring Identities, Visual Culture
Why the Art of Branding and the Science of Wayfinding Design Can Profoundly Transform a Space.

His iconic identity for the 1968 Mexico City Summer Olympics—“’60s op-art kinetic typography,” as Wyman calls it—exists as a pinnacle of environmental and branding design and was credited with reintroducing Mexican visual culture back into the nation’s design vocabulary. Watch the video!

Walker Art
Inspiring Identities
Why There is an Immortality to Being Creative.

A Driver’s License Can be Revoked for the Elderly, but Artistic License? Never.

Global Issues
Why it’s Only Science that can Answer All the Big Questions.

Science has proved itself to be a reliable way to approach all kinds of questions about the physical world. As a scientist, Peter Atkins is wondering whether its ability to provide understanding is unlimited.

Global Issues, Visual Culture
Why it’s Time to Rebrand Europe.

With populist politicians attacking the European Union underway for Britain to leave the bloc, the very idea of a unified Europe seems to be under threat. Some artists feel the union needs to rethink its public image.

New York Times
Digital Age
Why Tech Loves the Letter X.

In the tech world especially, the simple letter has come to mean so much — or nothing at all.

The Outline
Global Issues, Urban Ideas
Why Intellectual Life is Still Catching up to Urbanisation.

Urbanisation might be the most profound change to human society in a century, more telling than colour, class or continent.

Digital Age, Urban Ideas
Why Google Earth Started in 1886.

Nadar was a pioneering balloonist. He took the first aerial photographs and delivered some of the earliest airmail. Jules Verne based his novel “From the Earth to the Moon” (1865) on Nadar.

New York Times
Urban Ideas, Visual Culture
Why the Same People on the Same Street do the Same Thing.

From 2007 to 2016, Danish photographer Peter Funch stood at the southern corner of 42nd Street and Vanderbilt Avenue in New York City between 8:30am and 9:30am taking photographs of the commuters he saw.

It's Nice That
Global Issues, Urban Ideas
Why There Is No Such Thing as a Smart City.

The term “smart city” is interesting yet not important, because nobody defines it. “Smart” is a snazzy political label used by a modern alliance of leftist urbanites and tech industrialists. To deem yourself “smart” is to make the nimbyites and market-force people look stupid.

The Atlantic
Visual Culture
Why Vintage Design Books are Now so Radical.

… and radically expensive.

Visual Culture
Why Richard Avedon’s Work Has Never Been More Relevant.

The photographer’s social conscience, revealed in a show at Pace/MacGill and a new edition of “Nothing Personal,” deepens his enduring legacy.

NY Times
Urban Ideas
Why You Can Build a New City out of Stock Images.

Saudi Arabia plans to build a new $500 billion metropolis that spans three countries. It is nothing if not ambitious.

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