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Global Issues, Urban Ideas
Why There Is No Such Thing as a Smart City.

The term “smart city” is interesting yet not important, because nobody defines it. “Smart” is a snazzy political label used by a modern alliance of leftist urbanites and tech industrialists. To deem yourself “smart” is to make the nimbyites and market-force people look stupid.

The Atlantic
Visual Culture
Why Vintage Design Books are Now so Radical.

… and radically expensive.

Visual Culture
Why Richard Avedon’s Work Has Never Been More Relevant.

The photographer’s social conscience, revealed in a show at Pace/MacGill and a new edition of “Nothing Personal,” deepens his enduring legacy.

NY Times
Urban Ideas
Why You Can Build a New City out of Stock Images.

Saudi Arabia plans to build a new $500 billion metropolis that spans three countries. It is nothing if not ambitious.

Discover Neom
Digital Age
Why Tech Brands Are Embracing Illustration.

Some of the world’s leading tech brands are defined by one of the oldest art forms—illustration. Creatives at Dropbox, Slack, and Shopify tell us why.

Digital Age, Inspiring Identities
Why Dropbox isn’t Just a Place to Store Files.

The new brand system shows that Dropbox isn’t just a place to store your files—it’s a living workspace that brings teams and ideas together. The look is expressive, with vibrant colors, rich imagery, a versatile typeface, and playful illustrations.

Urban Ideas
Why Detroit is Redefining Itself.

City hires America’s first official ‘chief storyteller’. Irritated by the relentless focus on ruin porn, or pre-emptive stories about the city’s tech resurgence, Aaron Foley will attempt to offer a more nuanced portrait.

The Guardian
Urban Ideas
Why Industrial Era Cities haven’t been Created from Recipes.

Doing away with street plans that solve industrial infrastructure needs means cities can be designed with forms that primarily serve our emotional and aesthetic ones.

Allgemein, Urban Ideas
Why Subway Stations Maps should be 3D.

Subway stations’ complex tunnel systems are a mystery even to most regular riders. Architect Candy Chan’s new X-ray maps demystify the paths in and around them.

City Lab
Global Issues, Urban Ideas
Why London’s New Subway Symbolized the Future. Then Came Brexit.

Crossrail is a megaproject meant to bind London together. But in the wake of Britain’s vote to leave the European Union, it may signal the end of an ambitious era.

NY Times
Digital Age, Global Issues
Why Despacito is the Perfect Summer Song in Trump’s America.

Given today’s cultural and political climate, Despacito’s moment still might seem unlikely.

The Guardian
Urban Ideas, Visual Culture
Why Balfron Tower Needs to be Archived.

This website brings together public documents related to Balfron Tower. Sharing access to help build a fuller understanding of the communities and spaces that make Balfron Tower a home.