LOVEU is the European response to INY,
both slogan and name of the marketing campaign of NYC.

In the 1970s, the New York State Economic Development Department commissioned an advertising agency to develop a marketing campaign aimed primarily at boosting tourism. NYC was then a stronghold of violent and drug-related crime. Today, NY is the most popular metropolis in the world and New Yorkers are proud to be New Yorkers again.

Europe is currently fighting against nationalism, xenophobia and lone warfare. The misinterpreted phrase Darwin‘s „survival of the fittest“ still dominates many people‘s attitudes. It leads to selfishness, fear, exclusion and identitarian thinking. Darwin at the time meant whole species and not individual living beings. We, humanity is meant. If one can win, all can win, provided the human achievements are shared. These include the European Union, human rights and all knowledge that serves life.

Man is a social and loving being. We must see Europe as one because we are sending a central message to the world: we stick together, as a European community and as humanity. LOVEU is a great gesture, a sign of affection and cohesion. „Survival of the fittest is not a one man show!“

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The EU flag shows a circle of twelve golden stars on a blue background. The stars represent the values of unity, solidarity and harmony between the peoples of Europe. The circle is a symbol of unity. The sun is circular and also a star. It combines both forms. It shines brightest in our solar system. It brings light, colour and warmth into the world. Sunlight is a mixture of all rainbow colours and it only appears colourless to our eyes when all spectral colours coincide. The sun shines: when all European states and cultures come together in their uniqueness and diversity, Europe shines in the brightest light at all. „Let diversity shine“ is therefore our guiding principle. The EU should be an icon, an idol, a model for the rest of the world.

Zusammen mit einer ausgewählten Gruppe von Künstlern
und Kreativen arbeitet WHY. am Rebranding Europas.
Ausgangspunkt war das von Wolfgang Tillmans,
Rem Koolhaas und Stephan Peterman initiierte Eurolab
des „Forum on European Culture“ in Amsterdam.